August 2014 E-Newsletter

Word from the Chair

John Final

The past month has seen some very interesting facts and figures come to light AGAIN in regards to child abuse and neglect in New Zealand across various media mediums.  I am trying to get my head around just how many times we have to hear that New Zealand has a problem with child abuse and neglect.  The Trust for the past 8 years has not stopped raising the awareness to our supporters, to our political and community leaders and to the media about this underbelly epidemic in this country.  that there is a problem. Only last month we sent out our Declaration to Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect and specifically providing a snapshot of at least 50 children who have died in the past 24 years as a result of child abuse.

My question is – what will it take for the more New Zealanders to speak up, for politicians to make this matter a priority with its party policies? Causes such as Poverty, Alcohol & Drugs and Poor Parenting have been identified (refer to Nigel Latta piece) but we at the Trust go further and say it also includes the breakdown of families, the demise of marriage in our society and we’ll even say it has also a lot to do with New Zealand losing all understanding of the values and principals this Nation was built on – Christian values to include love, care, hope and faith.

My good friend Henare O’Keefe spoke on the Nigel Latta programme and he said it starts in the home, ‘fix the home you’ll fix the community’.  Home is where the heart is – but we only have to look at the status of the home makeup and it comes as no surprise why there is such a huge increase in family violence in New Zealand. 

Right now, I am being asked to review a number of documents/papers concerning poverty, its meaning, its relevance, its impact on our children.  Poverty of the spirit (wairoa) – the absence of faith, love, hope and care are just the tip of the iceberg to why people hurt other people. If this is absent in a parent(s) it then is absent in the home to which a child is supposed to call its safe haven. 

Aroha nui

John Sax

Declaration for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect    

The Trust has sent out the Declaration for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect to all its supporters, all politicians and community leaders. Signatures are still welcome.  The Trust would like to call all organisations to include child advocates, business and community leaders and health workers in Auckland who have specifically set up to mitigate child abuse and neglect to sign.  

Thank you to the many who have requested their signatures be added.  Action must be seen and with the signatures the Trust will inform our Political leaders and speak publicly about what the Government needs to do to address the real causes of child abuse and neglect.

It's election year! Have you hear many policies about our children and families?

Your support will help us to keep moving forward and for the purpose of standing the gap for our children and for future generations.

The Declaration has been translated into the Tongan language and we are waiting for the translated versions in Samoan and Maori languages which will be available next week.

Nigel Latta: Killing Our Kids  

Why are New Zealand's rates of family violence so high? Nigel delves into the factors influencing our domestic violence rates and meets some of the people working towards making our communities safer.

Nigel Latta's programme 'Killing Our Kids" identified 3 causes to the rise in family violence across New Zealand: Poverty, Alcohol & Drugs and Poor Parenting.

The Trust believes Nigel has missed other key causes to include: broken relationships to include marriages (or no marriage ) and welfare dependency by vulnerable families. 

A friend of the Trust - Henare O'Keefe of Flaxmere spoke on the programme and highlighted that it starts from the home - if you can fix the home you can fix the community. 

If you missed the programme click here to watch and send us your views.  

"Wrap around care" for the Community  research 2

John Sax, the founder of For the Sake of Our Children Trust which campaigns against child abuse, has been given special housing area status to fast-track consents for a planned 1600 houses on a 15ha former market-gardening site in Walmsley Rd.

John plans to include a "wellness centre", a family centre, an employment centre, a preschool and possibly a private school. In doing so, the Trust will be working very closely with the developers and the local community to achieve its social economic development goals. 
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Value your Vote - Elections 

With less than 1 month out from the general election, For the Sake of Our Children Trust is encouraging all our supporters to refer to the resource Value Your Vote 2014 which highlights the voting record of current MP’s on a number of controversial family and conscience issues from the past twelve years. The site  finds out the views of party leaders on a wide range of family issues. 
The voting record shows how existing MP’s have voted over the past four terms on controversial issues such as redefining marriage, the anti-smacking law, parental notification for teenage abortion, the decriminalisation of prostitution, and raising the drinking age.
It also finds out the party leaders’ and all candidates’ views and voting intentions on issues ranging from marriage, income splitting, decriminalisation of abortion, euthanasia and marijuana through to loan sharks, Easter trading laws, same-sex adoption, paid parental leave, and broadcasting standards.

A 12-page brochure summarising the information will be circulated throughout the country, and contains the responses to the questionnaire from the major party leaders.

The Trust in support with Family First is pleased to offer this resource to assist families in making an informed choice at the polling booth this September, or go to 

Do not forget to get out and VOTE!

For the Sake of Our Children Community Support  newsgirl 1

Friday 22 August  Te Whakaora's Special Fundraising Dinner on the Marae

The Trust is pleased to be supporting Te Whakaora's special fundraising dinner on the Marae on Friday 22nd August  2014      6.30pm to 9.30pm.  We invite all our supporters throughout Auckland to come and experience a few hours on this beautiful Marae where you will be entertained and fed graciously and you will learn about what we are all doing there and how you can help in so many small ways to make this keep happening.

Te Whakaora is passionate about transforming families challenged by high levels of domestic violence, crime, child abuse, substance dependence and relationship breakdown. Te Whakaora work is  achieving extraordinary outcomes – over a thousand South Auckland children now wake each morning to safe, caring parents who are thriving emotionally, spiritually and relationally.
 Friday 3-5 October Surge 2014-To Turangi 

The Trust is pleased to support the rebirth of a whare for the future to restore tradional whanau and family property under the Awhi Community Development.  The Trust will support the work/mahi of past and current Aspiring Leaders who will volunteer their time to renovate, repaint, landscape and basically WORK  to make a difference to the Visionaries of this development Sam and Thelma Chapman.

During the weekend you can stay at Hirangi Marae and with small Koha to cover costs.  If you wish to volunteer or assist in anyway contact Greg Morgan 0274787428 for more details.

Upcoming Events

Aug 22            Te Whakaora's Special Fundraising Dinner

Sept 2              FSOCT Trust Board Meeting, Auckland

Sept 20            NZ Election              

Oct 3-5            Surge 2014-To Turangi