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research_2.jpg   At For the Sake of Our Children we are committed to researching the issues surrounding child wellbeing and finding solutions to the problems of child abuse and neglect.

Read our collection of research and articles written by For the Sake of Our Children researchers or collated from national and international organisations.


PDFGreen Paper for Vulnerable Children   Green Paper for Vulnerable Children:
Close to 10,000 public submissions were received on the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children. The Minister for Social Development, the Hon. Paula Bennett has released a full summary of submissions. Responses from around 2,000 children to a four point questionnaire, including 150 sets of comments are included in the report compiled by Barnardos.
One page summary - (PDF 312KB)
Executive summary - (PDF 1.6MB)

PDFGreen Paper for Vulnerable Children   Green Paper for Vulnerable Children:
The New Zealand Government is concerned about the number of children who have childhoods that make it unlikely they will thrive, belong and achieve. The Green Paper outlines a number of ideas on how to improve leadership for vulnerable children, some policy changes, and some changes to how services are delivered.

GP Vulnerable Child Submission   Green Paper for Vulnerable Children Submission:
A recent meeting was held to discuss in detail this Green Paper and provide recommendations through this submission. The Trust have also met and further discussed with various supporters of the Trust to include organisations and individuals who support our views in this submission.

Civil Union Bill Presentation PDF   Civil Union Bill Presentation:
A presentation in PDF format on the civil union bill as presented by John Sax

takeway_stat_1.jpg   TAKEAWAY STATS:
A quick pick of some ugly statistics on the wellbeing of children in New Zealand.

new_zealand_flag_map_2.JPG   SOCIAL POLICY DISCUSSION PAPER:
Policy recommendations compiled by For the Sake of Our Children in collaboration with Community Leaders.

A report with recommendations from the Welfare Working Group on reducing long-term benefit dependency.
Full Report | Executive Summary

Outcomes for children are weak in several key areas, according to the OECD's first ever report on children.

whanau_ora_set_up1.JPG   Report: Whanau Ora Taskforce:
The Taskforce developed an "evidence-based framework" that would lead to strengthened whanau capabilities, an integrates approach to whanau wellbeing, collaborative relationships between state agencies in relation to whanau service, relationships between government and community agencies that are broader than contractual and improved cost-effectiveness and value for money. Read More...

children com logo.jpg   Report: Lives Cut Short:
A report from the Office of the Childrens Commissioner on child death by maltreatment in New Zealand.  Read More...

james.jpg   Report: Investigation Into The Death Of James Whakaruru:
James Whakaruru died on 4 April 1999 from one or more physical assaults perpetrated by his mother’s partner, who had been convicted of a previous assault on James in 1996. This investigation from the Office of the Childrens Commissioner was set up to examine how James came to die in spite of the many agencies involved with James and his family, and to consider what needs to change in future.  Read More...

saliel_and_olympia.jpg   Report: Investigation Into The Deaths Of Saliel And Olympia Alpin:
Saliel Alpin, aged 12, and her sister Olympia, aged 11, were killed by Bruce Howse, their stepfather, on 4 December 2001.  This report on the investigation from the Office of the Commissioner for Children highlights the complex nature of adult violence within families and the extent to which that violence is linked to the abuse of children and increased risk to their safety.  Read More...


Article: True and Lasting Solutions...
lasting_solutions_image.jpg The 2008 Annual Report of the Officer of the Children’s Commissioner provides for some alarming reading. The report shows that since 2000 more than 350 children whose safety or welfare had been brought to the attention of Child Youth and Family have died. 86 in the last year alone... Read More

Article: Fatherhood Left Wanting...
fatherhood_1.jpg New Zealand’s media continues to expose the crisis faced by our beloved children: abused by their parents, bullied in schools, ensnared by the influence of gangs and ultimately wreaking havoc on our communities through crime and violence... Read More

New Zealand's "Secret" Exposed

The world is taking notice of the appalling way New Zealanders treat their children... Read More

Our Single Parents Need Support!

Every child has the right to be loved, wanted and nurtured to enable them grow into healthy, well-balanced New Zealanders with two parents who want the best for them... Read More