Policy & Research


In the four years from August 2002 through to June 2005 there were 13,017 cases of confirmed child abuse in New Zealand...
At For the Sake of Our Children, we believe New Zealand children should  be more then just numbers.
We are committed to doing our part to ensure no more children add to this tragic statistic.

Our collation of research is committed to understanding why we have such staggering statistics in New Zealand. We want to know where these numbers come from; why they are happening and what we can do about it. With a comprehensive understanding of the underlying roots of the problem we can work towards influencing public debate and policy to ensure a brighter, safer future for New Zealand children.

We invest time and resources into the research sector and collate existing research to present to the New Zealand public concise, informed analysis of social issues concerning children and families.

Key focus areas for the Trust are:
  • Family Environments
  • Government Policy