John Sax - Chairman

John_Final.jpg   John Sax
Founder and Chairman

CEO, South Park Corporation
    As a businessman for over 30 years John has always had a degree of community involvement whether it has been assisting with the establishment of “halfway houses” in Otara, commencing youth programs, initiating re-training of the long-term unemployed to taking mentoring in schools.  John has a vision and strong desire of doing what he can to make New Zealand a better place for children.

John is the Founder of the For the Sake of Our Children Trust. He has strong views of the destructiveness of many of New Zealand's social policies and the damage they are causing our children.  He is a promoter and a champion of caring communities.

John has many other business interests including Treetops Lodge & Resort in Rotorua and Florence Court, a category 1 historic mansion which is run as a boutique hotel. John is married to Alma and they have two children, James & Natasha.