Newsletter Articles

Newsletter Articles

Article: True and Lasting Solutions...
The 2008 Annual Report of the Officer of the Children’s Commissioner provides for some alarming reading. The report shows that since 2000 more than 350 children whose safety or welfare had been brought to the attention of Child Youth and Family have died. 86 in the last year alone...Read More

Article: Fatherhood Left Wanting...
New Zealand’s media continues to expose the crisis faced by our beloved children: abused by their parents, bullied in schools, ensnared by the influence of gangs and ultimately wreaking havoc on our communities through crime and violence...Read More

Lives Cut Short
This research conducted in 2007 turned book provides a detailed insight and reflective work on the challenges of keeping children safe...Read More

New Zealand's "Secret" Exposed

The world is taking notice of the appalling way New Zealanders treat their children...Read More

Good Parents Will Become Criminals

The chief executive of the For the Sake of our Children Trust has joined a growing chorus of voices objecting to the bill which goes in front of parliament tomorrow...Read More

Our Single Parents Need Support!

Every child has the right to be loved, wanted and nurtured to enable them grow into healthy, well-balanced New Zealanders with two parents who want the best for them...Read More