February 2014 E Newsletter

Word from the Chair

John Final

Happy New Year to our friends and supporters.  As we kick into the month of February we at the Trust look forward to a very active action filled year ahead.

2013 saw the Trust engage with various sectors within society to grasp a better understanding to what people were thinking about, talking about and actually 'doing about' making New Zealand a safer place for our children to be raised. 

Recent media and reports from the Office of the Children's Commissioner have already earmarked 2014 as a year to talk about child poverty being the essence of why our children are being abused, neglected and killed. 

As the Chairman of this organisation, we believe that every child should be born into a family environment where two committed parents who are married will love the child unconditionally.  When this is not evident, I would call this parental neglect towards the child.  It's not rocket science. 

Academics have argued that most single parents on benefits do not abuse their children but it's more about the family situations that lead to abuse are those involving multiple problem settings; poverty; poor parent education; mental health problems, substance abuse; exposure to violence during childhood etc. Therefore where do we find a solution to solve all of the above? Education and raised awareness is a good start particularly to our younger generation. 

Our simple research conducted in-house examining the past 25 children killed from child abuse and neglect showed a extremely high percentage of single parent mothers with the perpetrator being  the partner who is non-biologically related to the child. I truly believe many of us already know based on what we have read in the media that such a partnership with the additional multiple problem settings is a recipe for disaster not for the mother or partner but for the children.

We at the Trust are not here to focus on the negative and present a 'we've heard it all before scenario' of what  child abuse and neglect is about in New Zealand.  We are about partnerships - developing and implementing solutions in a collective manner with like minded organisations.  I look forward to further connecting more with these organisations in 2014 and God willing develop a collective declaration of Principles to mitigate child abuse and neglect further promoting what is ideal and what is best for the well-being of our children in New Zealand.

Have a good break over Waitangi Day.

Aroha nui

John Sax

Marriage Week, NZ February 7-14 2014    

For the Sake of Our Children Trust is pleased to support this new website that positively promotes and supports articles, and resources about strengthening marriages. 

The Trust is not a religious organisation but the Trust based on its Vision believes that every children should be born into a loving environment with committed parents in a marriage. Research shows it is the most ideal environment where children are less likely to experience child abuse and neglect.

Marriage Week is a joint initiative of Marriage Week International and the World Evangelical Alliance, of which NZ Christian Network is the New Zealand member.  Read More

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Children's Day, Sunday 2 March 2014  “Treasure  Our Children” 

The Trust is pleased to use it’s platform to promote Children’s Day in New Zealand.  This special day for our children is held the first Sunday in March

Throughout New Zealand communities will deliver events and activities focused on the theme for 2014 “Treasure Our Children”. 
The NZ media needs to put more focus on this day to allow for our society to embrace this special day for our children.  The Trust wishes to encourage all its supporters to join in the fun and do something special for the small people in your life on this national day.
If would like some ideas of what you could do or find out what activities are happening in your area: