Education & Awareness

An informed, concerned, mobilized constituency is the greatest prerequisite to social change.

The statistics on child wellbeing in New Zealand show  we are well overdue for a change. Our rates of child deaths from abuse average 7 per year and this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Many more children are suffering everyday – unloved, living in unsafe environments, and going without the basic neccesities of life.

At For the Sake of Our Children we are commited to speaking up on behalf of these children and mobilizing the public of New Zealand towards building a brighter, safer future for our children.
As we work to effectively raise awareness, promote and educate the New Zealand public and elected government officials of child wellbeing in New Zealand, our method will vary depending on the message we are trying to communicate.

We will regularly host community events around the country and work with media in an effort to campaign on behalf of children.

We believe that the greatest change agents are love, care and concern. Our aim is to see the New Zealand public and policy makers stand up and take responsibility for our children – mobilized through information, motivated by love, and reaching out with care and concern.